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Hays Street Counseling

Hays Street Counseling 
Hays Street Counseling has been in existence since 2012. It is located in the center of the city of Boise, and housed in a historic bungalow that was originally built in 1920, and restored in 2004, by a renowned Boise renovator. Hays Street Counseling bears his "signature," which can be seen at various homes around town, a decorative wrought iron fence, outlining the front area of the property. 


Our Therapists

The following professionals provide services at the Hays Street Counseling location at 1010 West Hays Street in downtown Boise:

  • Mariella Hogan Götz, Ph.D., LPC, ATR-BC

  • Angela Hernandez, PMHNP

  • Jane Hart 

  • Jeff Masingill


(Please read more on the therapist BIO's page.)


Please use this link to see photos of our facility:
Hays Street Counseling Photos

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