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Amanda Yoder, Psy.D.

Hello! I was born and raised in the Treasure Valley. While the past 10 years of study have taken me across the west coast, I am happy to return to Boise to invest in our community, and its healing. I love the work that I do! I help people grow in self-compassion, connection, feelings of safety, and self worth. I can provide short-term, solution-focused therapy, or longer and deeper psychodynamic therapy. Some people choose to continue on the growth journey after resolving their initial goals. When I’m not in the office, I am usually gardening, painting, or maybe trying something new. 

I have 4 years of training and experience in attachment healing and psychodynamic therapies, with integration of cognitive/dialectical behavioral therapies, complex trauma-informed treatment and EMDR, and object-relations. I work to integrate the  diverse values and intersectional identities of each of my clients, and do my best to minimize the power differences in the therapist-client relationship

Clients can also request a consultation contact through my website “new clients” form:

See listing in Psychology Today

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