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Angela Hernandez, PMHNP

Angela is a PMHNP credentialed by the AANC. After spending years as a business owner in the health and fitness industry, Angela earned her BSN and MSN degree from Azusa Pacific University, San Diego CA. Angela has experience in urgent care, surgery and gained significant psychiatric experience working outpatient, inpatient, in secured facilities and with our nation’s veterans. 


Angela spent the past two years working for a private psychiatric practice in CA. She is now providing medication management at Hays Street Counseling, Boise; offering testing and treatment for adolescents and adults experiencing symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, depression, mood disorder, PTSD, women’s health issues including PMDD and postpartum depression. In addition to psychotropic medication, her approach to attaining optimal wellbeing is a culmination of integrative and complementary modalities


Insurance credentialing in progress with Blue Cross of Idaho, others pending. Cash pay prices available. 

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Jane Hart

I offer generalized mental health and wellness coaching with the intention of giving unconditional positive regard to every person I work with. I specialize in trauma and PTSD, dissociative disorders, anxiety, parenting, chronic illness, and depression. Having a safe “other” to sit in the mud with, to share joy with, to hold space for you during difficult times, is proven to maximize one’s quality of life and the lives of those around them. I believe that building rapport and enriching the therapeutic relationship is of upmost importance in effective healing and I take that especially seriously in my work as a mental health specialist.


The healing arts has been an important part of my own life for over a decade and being able to share my knowledge and experience with others in order to propel their own healing journeys, is a gift and a privilege. I am an extremely attuned and empathic practitioner with expert level knowledge and I’ve done my own therapeutic work; a difficult find in the sea of possible mental health providers.


When we find homeostasis, we find balance, equilibrium, safety and trust within our own bodies and minds—and that is something I would love to help you achieve.

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